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About us

Sazyes is a specialist in the field of independent diagnostics and consulting. Our expertise focuses on the one-time assessment of taxability and limitations in absenteeism and disability. We also answer questions about liability, causality and the culpability of conduct.

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Sazyes is independent; we have no interest in the outcome of our investigations. This is reflected in our diverse clients. These range from insurance doctors, medical consultants and occupational physicians to employers, courts and lawyers.

  • Psychiatric expertise

    A psychiatric assessment is a psychiatric examination in which an independent psychiatrist forms an opinion about the presence or absence of a psychiatric syndrome

  • Neurological expertise

    A neurological assessment is a medical examination in which a neurologist examines whether a neurological condition or disorder exists.

  • Orthopedic expertise

    An orthopedic assessment is a medical examination in which an orthopedic surgeon examines whether an orthopedic condition or disorder exists.

  • Neuropsychological expertise

    A neuropsychological examination (NPO) is the gold standard in objectifying cognitive symptoms.

  • Injury medical strain assessment

    An insurance medical assessment is a specialist medical examination in which an independent insurance physician prepares a report based on his or her specific expertise.

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The specialists at Sazyes


We know the importance of good diagnostics. That's why we work only with highly trained professionals. Think psychiatrists, neuropsychologists, neurologists, orthopedic surgeons and insurance doctors who are fully dedicated to independent diagnostics.